For the moment, Souji replied with a polite smile. He could have admitted that, indeed, the detective’s information often proved to be useful in solving the cases or that, most of the time, no effort was ever deployed into obtaining said information due to his chattery habits. He could have, but he wouldn’t want to strike up the suspicion that he actually made use of that classified data. Moreover, admitting would most probably boost the man’s ego… though it wasn’t as if it was something he was against, but anyhow, the general conclusion was that it was best to avoid the subject.

“Heh, is that how you think of me? That hurts.” Nevertheless, aside from being a detective, Adachi was a friend of the family and it would be rather troublesome for Souji if he was labelled as an opportunist. Moreover, the man did not seem to be in his best condition (though honestly, that wasn’t a rare sight) and it would be best to keep him in a good mood. 

Souji lowered his gaze for a moment and incidentally took a look at the item in the other’s hands. He was in no position to judge, but he couldn’t help but wonder what his weekly diet looked like. “Ah, are you heading home after this?” 

Adachi’s eyebrows would straighten out. A lose expression over coming his face as he found himself letting out a soft chuckle. It was comical how at times he could easily sway the conversation to go his way, but for the moment Adachi had nothing he could talk to the other that he already didn’t possibly know. Besides, Adachi had other things in mind. 

"Home? Yeah I guess you can call that dinky room of an apartment my home." The detective would joke, letting his shoulders shrug forward in a begrudgingly manner, "What about you, going to cook your sweet Nanako-chan something to eat?" There was a bit of chime in his voice, almost as if he was picturing the delicious meal the other would gather up to make, "Well, for dojima-san as well I take it? Boy, you sure  got a lot on your plate for someone your age."


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Remember, at Junes, everyday is Customer Appreciation Day.

The ever familiar jingle greeted the boy as he entered through the wide sliding doors. There were no cases to go over, nor kidnapping s to investigate, but Souji was here at Junes for another grand mission: to retrieve the ingredients in order to concoct Nanako’s lunch for tomorrow. She recently showed him her report card and the results were so remarkable that he decided to surprise her just a little with specially made lunch boxes. He already had a few ideas in mind, but it never hurt to scan the weekly specials. As much as he wanted to spoil his little cousin, a high school boy’s budget still left to be desired.

So far, the grocery corner was rather calm. His grocery trips always ended up as some social activity as he would always find a familiar figure or two to chat with. Yosuke and Teddy were the regulars, of course. Whenever they worked the same shift, the whole store usually learned about it quite easily from the amount of noise that they make. They made a great pair for certain, he usually remarked. 

Today, he found someone different. A dubious figure stood by the end of the aisle and a certain hesitation stopped him from advancing. When the person turned around, Souji was left with no other choice but to walk up to them and properly greet them.

“Good afternoon, Adachi-san.“ The boy nodded at the detective. “It seems like I’m seeing around more often nowadays.” 

Scraggly black hair perked about as Adachi ran nimble fingers throughout it. A small sigh escaped his lips, eyes scavenging for something to eat for the day. All the current sales were of things he had no taste in, mainly soups and cheap 5 minute meals. The detective was in a mood for something much more tasty, real food. Something that would satisfy his cranky and ill bitten mood.

The past week had just been annoyingly stressful for him. Between Dojima’s constant bickering and bitching about the couple cases that still went unsolved. And then the simple fact that his own apartment had several leaks all throughout the living room and bedroom, ‘Cheap piece of shit…’ Unfortunately that was all the detective could ever afford on his current income.

“Good afternoon, Adachi-san.“ The boy nodded at the detective. “It seems like I’m seeing around more often nowadays.” 

As if his week couldn’t get anymore irritating. Though, as he turned his face to blankly stare at the boy. Adachi seemed to act anything but irritated, “Souji-kun!” The detective lets a weary smile escape his lips, an unmasked expression. Though the high schooler would only assume he was enduring a stressful day, which was indeed true, “That so? You sure you ain’t trying to stalk me and hit me up about the cases, hm?” 

The detective winks playfully, offering a cheeky smile as he fiddled with the can of cabbage soup in his right hand.

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